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You will learn 1st hand from the hourses mouth, from both Tellman and Stephanie who both have ADD (or ADHD).

They will share with you:

✔ The details about what ADD is

✔ That for different people it manifests in different ways

and much more…

Attention Deficit Disorder is what ADD stands for. You may have heard of it being called ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It’s really a common term for what I like to call creative people. It’s a term to describe people who have trouble with focus, organization, prioritization, and who tend to get distracted often.

You might have heard things growing up like, “Why can’t you just sit still? Pay attention. You can focus when you want to. Why do you leave half finished things all over the house? Why do you leave the cabinets open?” These are all characteristics of people who have Attention Deficit. Or, in the case of Tellman and I, we’re not interested in putting labels on people.

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