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“Other Reasons Why You Should Consider Starting Your Own Coaching Program…”

✔ Your own loyal group of mastermind – build your own team of like minded people who share your ideas and teachings!

✔ Enhance your reputation and credibility – a speaker or coach who has his own systematic program is always perceived as a higher authority figure compared to a professional or skilled worker who doesn’t.

✔ Better class of clients – many experienced speakers and coaches have reported in that clients who pay more are often less troublesome people to deal with as compared to customers who bite your ‘low hanging fruit’ products.

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To top that off, you might be having some or more of the following concerns:
How do I market my coaching program?

✔ How and where do I find clients?

✔ Public speaking isn’t my cup of tea but I’m willing to learn. Got a crash course on that?

✔ How do I know if have what it takes to become a coach? And if I lack some of the key criteria, how do I meet the requirements quickly?

✔ Coaching program is profitable but will take up a lot of my time. Is there any way I can spend less time or better still, automate it?

“Introducing Your Crash Course To Kick Start Your Coaching Program!”

“Discover How To Add Another Digit To Your Monthly Profits Through Starting Your Own Highly Successful, Smash Hit Coaching Program!”

Finally Revealed… Easy Step-by-Step Formula To Kick Starting Your Own Highly Profitable Coaching Career And How To Automate It!


Table of Contents

Session 1: Kick Start Your Coaching program
Session 2: How to Structure an Effective Coaching Program That Works
Session 3: Teaching 101
Session 4: Crash Course in Public Speaking
Session 5: How and Where to Find Clients
Session 6: Automatic Your Coaching Career

✔ 64 Color Pages Inside

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