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“Garden Design: Secrets Your Landscape Contractor Doesn’t Want You to Know” is a roadmap for both novices and experienced gardeners in search of new, fresh ideas.

You’ll discover simple, step-by-step instructions for:

✔ How to accurately assess your existing yard: If you’ve lived in your home for a while, you may not even be aware of how other people see your yard. Discover a low-tech technique for identifying eyesores you wouldn’t normally notice. Plus, nine steps for plotting your existing yard in just a few short hours.

✔ Deciding you goals: Many of your decisions will be based on both your desires and what best complements your house. Perhaps you need a border garden to disguise an ugly chain-link fence or provide privacy from your neighbors? Or if you hate weeding, you might decide on a cottage garden full of surprises, where flowers choke out weeds, not the other way round.

✔ Establishing your priorities: Sometimes your lifestyle needs may have to override certain wants and desires. Your dream of perfectly manicured lawns may have to go, unless you’re willing to find a new home for your crazed, hole-digging Labrador. If you have a huge yard, you’ll want to work on the most visible areas first – like the front entrance or the patio. Or is the vegetable garden more important to you?

✔ Stealing ideas for your gardens: In an age of information-overload, a good list of user-friendly, accurate resources is invaluable – and will save you hours of frustration. We show you exactly where to go to find what you need, including a dazzling array of online garden centers, garden portals, photo galleries, magazines, public libraries, and so on.

✔ Mastering the essential elements of garden design: Learn how to avoid the amateur mistakes that no one else will tell you about… How to exploit focal points in your garden… Effective use of color in a bold, playful, yet tasteful way… Utilizing texture, fragrance and repetition to enhance even the smallest garden…

✔ Plotting your dream garden: This is the phase where you create your own treasure map, and give life to your gardening dreams. Discover six vital tips for plotting your new garden, including when to relocate existing plants and why perennials should be added before annuals.

✔ Making perfect plant choices right from the start: There are seven questions you must ask yourself before you begin. Learn the basics upfront, and you’ll save heaps of time and – more importantly – money. Discover the benefits of annuals versus perennials… Plant hardiness zones and how they affect perennials… How to get a replacement plant for free if yours dies…

✔ Preparing your garden beds: Time to get your hands dirty! Here’s the equipment you’ll need; How to outline gardens with straight edges or those with curves; The simplest way to stop weeds in their tracks; Testing and correcting soil pH; Plus which nutrients to add to the soil for a thriving garden.

There is no right or wrong garden. But there are right and wrong ways of going about creating one. Mistakes cost time and money – and can frustrate amateur gardeners to the point where they simply give up or lose interest.

Rather than battling it out on your own, get proven, time-tested advice straight from the experts who have “been there, done that”…

Revealed! Tips the Experts Use to Get More Done in Less Time

“Garden Design: Secrets Your Landscape Contractor Doesn’t Want You to Know” will tell you:

✔ Where to get FREE plants four times a year

✔ How to use color to camouflage an eyesore

✔ What the rarest color in the garden is, and how best to incorporate it into yours

✔ Little-known secrets for squeezing blood from a turnip in the yard

✔ Which dirt-cheap and dramatic perennial can be planted at 2-week intervals for color from early summer to late fall

✔ The one simple trick that can reduce your weeding by 90 percent

And much more…


Table of Contents

Garden Planning: What’s in it for Me?
The Crucial Missing Link
Planting Flowers vs. Designing a Garden?
Eight Steps to Designing a Garden of Your Dreams
Assessing What You Have
How to Assess Your Yard
To Build a Panorama
Transfer the Existing Landscape to Graph Paper
How to Plot Your Yard on Graph Paper
Put Your Thoughts on Paper
Essential Decisions: Determining Your Needs
What is the Purpose of the Gardens?
Garden Types
Formal Gardens
Foundation Planting
Border Gardens
Cottage Gardens
Walkway Gardens
Lamp Post and Mailbox Gardens (Fixture Gardens)
Tree Gardens
Woodland Gardens
Shade Gardens
Rock Gardens
Ponds and Water Gardens
Container Gardens
Window Boxes
Wildlife Gardens
Island Gardens
Evening (Moon) Gardens
Tropical Gardens
Four-season Gardens
Cutting Gardens
Fragrance Gardens
Vegetable Gardens
Herb Gardens
Setting Priorities
My Top Three Gardening Priorities:
Getting Ideas for Your Garden
Steal from the Best
Where to Find Information Online
Essential Elements of Garden Design
Shape and Pattern
Exploiting Focal Points in the Garden
Geometry in the Garden
Natural Focal Points
Plants as Focal Points
Destinations as Focal Points
Manmade Focal Points
A Sense of Balance
Color in the Garden
Color schemes
Effective Color Use
Sure-fire Color Combinations
Plotting Your Dream Gardens
Transfer Your Paper Ideas to the Yard
Tips for Plotting Your New Gardens
Alternate Method
Online Garden Plans
Selecting Your Plants
The Holy Trinity of Plants
Annuals vs. Perennials
Plant Hardiness Zones and how they Affect Perennials
USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map
Annual Minimum Temperature Range
Working Within Your Budget
Preparing your Garden Beds
Outlining Your Garden
Outlining Gardens with Straight Edges
Outlining Gardens with Curves
Clearing the Garden Bed
Clearing the Garden Bed the Easy Way
Testing and Correcting Soil pH
What is pH?
Testing the Soil to Determine pH Level
Collecting Soil Samples for pH Analysis
When to sample the soil
Equipment for Sampling Soil
Collecting the Composite Soil Sample
Amending your Soil
Amending Acidic Soil
Amending Alkaline Soil
Beyond pH – Adding Nutrients to Soil
When to Expect Results
What’s Next?

✔ 119 Color Pages Inside

Better yet, this no-nonsense app offers practical advice on how to work within your budget; where to buy plants at basement bargain prices; and how to make your dollar go further without compromising quality.

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