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Does this Scenario Sound Familiar to You?

✔ They’re smiling but they don’t trust you.

✔ A polite nod here, a chuckle there. Meanwhile they’re anxiously waiting for your credit report. You now your credit score is hurting your chances of getting the loan — that’s why you had to admit to some small financial mistakes in the past.

✔ As you leave the office with that sick feeling telling you you’ve already lost, they state the inevitable, “We’ll let you know.”

Less than perfect credit is not a permanent situation. If you’ve made financial mistakes in the past (and who hasn’t?) it’s not too late to start repairing your credit today. When you know the little tips and tricks you can use to convince the credit bureau’s you’re trustworthy. .. you can leave the loan officer’s chair confident that the deal will have a happy ending. It’s all about knowing how to play the credit game. And you can play the game like a master with…

✔ “Credit Score Confidential — Secrets Revealed to Improve Your Credit Rating and Boost Your Credit Score!”

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Table of Contents

The Basics
The Best Ways to Boost Your Credit Score
Keeping Your Credit Score Safe
Avoid Common Credit Score Mistakes
Dealing With Your Credit Report to Deal With
Buyer beware
Dealing With a Credit Score after a Big Problem
Dealing With Professional Credit Help
General Good Financial Habits Build Good Credit Scores
Think Like a Lender
Develop an Organized Strategy to Repair Your Credit score
Loans and Your Credit Score
Make Credit Repair Easier on Yourself
Student Credit Repair
Dealing With Debt
Credit Repair and Your Emotions
Parting Credit Tips

✔ 209 Color Pages Inside

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