★★★ …Now you can play piano like a pro, and impress your friends… ★★★

What you get:
✔ Over 1 hour Audio Program included
✔ 94 professionally designed e-book, just slide to the next page, like a real book
✔ Take a photos of your progress and achievements
✔ Piano buting tips, bonus playing piano tips and checklist.
✔ Fun puzzle included

You get a professionally recorded audio that you can listen to on your mobile while you are on the go.

✔ Learn chords
✔ Learn improvisation
✔ Learn to read music
✔ Your all in one app for learning to play the piano like a pro.

A new fun way to learn to play piano with fun and creativity.

This “Learn to play the piano” (like a rock star) program, describes piano concepts in language you can understand, and easy to learn and apply.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Familiarize Yourself
Chapter 3 – The Home Keys and A to G
Chapter 4 – Explanation of Scales
Chapter 5 – Reading Music: Introduction
Chapter 6 – The Lines and the Spaces
Chapter 7 – Written Piano Music and Rhythm
Chapter 8 – Keys and Key Signatures
Chapter 9 – Get It Together with Chords
Chapter 10 – The Big Fake and Improvisation
Chapter 11 – Sight-Reading Written Music
Chapter 12 – Music Terminology for Beginners
Chapter 13 – Finding and Choosing Music to Play
Chapter 14 – Practicing on Your Own
Chapter 15 – The Small Spotlight: Playing for Friends and Family
Chapter 16 – Playing for Public Events
Chapter 17 – Tips for Beginner Piano Players
Chapter 18 – Lessons and Piano Teachers
Chapter 19 – Conclusion: Enjoyment That Lasts a Lifetime
Chapter 20 – Resources

Grab this now, and see how much fun learning can be.


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