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Dear Fellow Wine Lover,

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this letter – If you have ever wanted to learn how to make your own delicious wine & spirits (or discover the exact secrets to do it right) then this is one of the most rewarding letters you will ever read. You see, this eBook is simply the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to learn how to make outstanding wines & spirits from their very own home – whether they are a complete newbie or already an experienced wine maker.

Not only does this fantastic package take you by the hand to explain everything you need to know to create perfection, but it also provides over 90 wine & liquor recipes & tutorials so you can make exactly the type & flavour of wine that you want. There is more on this below, but whatever type of wine or liquor you wish to make, you will almost certainly have a step-by-step blueprint for it with this eBook (over 70 pages crammed with how-to information, tutorials, recipes & home-wine-making secrets). You’ll even learn how you can create your very own unique, signature wine that is unavailable anywhere else in the world. In short, if you love the thought of making perfect, flavoursome wine of all varieties then you’ll find this eBook priceless.

Making Perfect Wines & Liquors From Home Is Easy – Once You Know This Simple Step-By-Step Formula!

Making your own delicious wines & spirits is not only relaxing & rewarding but brings with it a status of prestige and creativity – there is nothing quite like the warm feeling of watching family & friends enjoying the wine/liquor that you have created yourself, seeing them reach for that last bottle and help themselves to another delightful glass of your creation.

But making wine from home is hard right? Far from it – in fact, when the simple steps in this eBook are applied, making your own delicious wines that your house-guests just can’t get enough of is absurdly simple. Not only is it so easy that even a child could do it (which of course is not recommended), but it is also very cheap requiring no special equipment or knowledge other than what’s in this book. You could get started within the next 5 minutes!

The secret, simple do-at-home procedures that you will discover have been used for years and proven to consistently produce outstanding wines & spirits – all done from home with the same ingredients and equipment that almost every kitchen already has.

You could off course try and start without this knowledge, without the huge database of recipes and tutorials, without the proven tips & tricks that only a handful of people know – but why? It would probably take you several years of trial and error and a lot of money to get the same formula of winning techniques that are in this eBook – remember, the amazing step-by-step instructions that you will have immediate access to are proven to produce outstanding results for making wine from your own home – again and again. This is the ultimate resource for any

Here is just a small sip of what’s in this vintage bottle:

✔ The Basics Of Making Wine At Home – Exactly what you need to get started including a complete introduction for newbies who have never tried to make wine before.

✔ The essentials of home wine making & how applying some little-known secrets can transform your home wine from “nice” to “incredibly flavoursome.”

✔ Which common utensils & equipment to use (you’ll almost certainly have these at home.)

✔ In-depth tutorials on The Art Of Fermentation, Fermentation Aides, The Clearing Process, Sterilization, Siphon, Bottling, How To Store Wine, Maturing, All About Yeast & Much much more (the book itself is over 70 pages long.)

✔ The “Natural Enemies” to successful wine making from home & how to stop them dead in their tracks.

✔ Over 90 step-by-step recipes & tutorials on making the wine or liquor that you want to make – you just can’t find this level of depth anywhere else.

✔ The common ingredients available at home that can be used when you can’t find the special ingredients that some wines supposedly require.



Getting Started
The Basics
Using utensils
The art of fermentation
Fermentation aides
The clearing process
Natural enemies
Brief, but important
Yeast – and adding it
Making wine from Ribena tutorial
Extract tutorial
Liqueur green convent liqueur yellow convent
Cherry brandy wine
Vermouth (Italian)
Vermouth (French)
Cream of apricot wine
Cream of peach wine
Sloe gin wine
Ratafia wine
Kirsch wine
Mirabelle wine
Prunelle wine
Marasquin wine
Mandarine wine
Green convent wine
Yellow convent wine
Reverendine wine
Red curacao wine
White curacao wine
Kummel wine
Danzig wine
Orange wine
Lemon wine
Grapefruit wine
Tangerine wine
Flower wines and miscellaneous recipes
Wines from dried fruits and grain
A word about tannin
Canadian whisky
Bravery’s own scotch
Raisin wine
Prune port
Currant wine
Dried apricot wine
Date wine
Prune and raisin vintage
Irish whiskey
Create your own wine
Wines from grapes

✔ 224 Color Pages Inside

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