★★★★★ Are You Memorable? Do You Make A Lasting Impression On Each And Every One Of Your Customers? ★★★★★


Regardless of what product you sell, there is a key ingredient that must be factored into the equation to secure each sale. You must sell yourself, not just the product! Most people buy a product simply because they liked the salesman—NOT necessarily because they wanted the product!

People will remember you years from now if you are unique. If you walk through the door with the same hum-drum message coming from every other salesman, chances are you’ll not only leave empty-handed, but will never be remembered again.

In The Ultimate Salesman, I’m going to unlock the secrets behind explosive sales for you. I’m going to expose the hidden facts that most successful salesmen will never share with you.

Take a look at what’s between the covers:

✔ Introduction to the Ultimate Salesman

✔ Having a Positive Attitude

✔ Starting Conversation with the Customers

✔ How to Read the Customer

✔ When and How to Ask to Buy

✔ Creating Want in the Customer

✔ Gaining Commitment

✔ How to Overcome Objection

✔ Taking Control

✔ Using the Right Words at the Right Time

✔ Closing the Deal


Table of Contents

The Power of Positive
The Opener
Reading the Customer
When and how to ask to buy
Creating want in the customer
Gaining commitment
How to overcome objection
Taking control
Closing the deal

✔ 60 Color Pages Inside

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